My product is simple — bespoke web development. I also do training, using modern development tools.

Get a technical teammate

Yes, I do consult as a developer, too. Review my developer CV at LinkedIn.

JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP. And related Web technologies.


Learn something new about your craft in a one-on-one session. This will have to be customized to your current needs.

I speak human languages, too

I'm fluent in Danish and Swedish and English.

How we can work together

We can run projects in different ways, depending on your needs and how comfortable you are with managing an IT project.

Perhaps you do this all the time - then I can provide project manpower and problem-solving.

If you don't run IT projects all the time, then we can still have a conversation about how to solve your problems. I'll just use less acronyms and robot-speak. The project is there to solve your problems, not to be technical in itself. If something seems unclear, just ask, and I will explain it.